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What Makes a Disney Tour Educational?

What Makes a Disney Tour Educational? featured image

Sure, Disney World® and Disneyland® are a lot of fun. But that’s not the only reason why they’re some of our most popular student tour destinations. During tours, groups participate in an array ofDisney Youth Education Series (YES) programs that introduce students to the educational components of these information-rich parks. Led by knowledgeable Disney professionals, these accredited, standards-based programs are filled with hands-on lessons that will reinforce what is taught in the classroom.

What Programs Are Offered?

Whether you teach history buffs or science students, there’s a Disney YES program for your group. From physics to personal branding, improvisation to careers in zoological sciences, the learning opportunities are endless. Here are some of the most popular tours for each group type:

Applied Sciences | The Energy and Waves Physics Labs: Study the ways in which the laws of light and sound come alive in Disney attractions.

Environmental Studies | Exploring Careers in Marine Sciences: Discover how members of the Disney Scientific Team care for animals and the environment at Walt Disney World® Resort’s six-million gallon aquarium.

Theatre | Techniques of Teamwork Through Improvisation: Students will participate in your choice of Disney Performing Arts workshops, and will have plenty of time to explore the four parks of Walt Disney World® Resort.

Liberal Arts | Designing a Disney Story: Disney animators walk groups through the history and techniques behind storytelling. Students have the opportunity to create a storyboard and to pitch their ideas to their peers.

Leadership Development | Creating a Leadership Legacy: Students learn how to exude confidence, create a personal brand and define their core values with this inspiring program.

What Does an Average Disney Tour Look Like?

Disney YES programs are about three hours long. Before and after the program, groups have free time to explore the parks with their Park Hopper passes. Brightspark will provide meal vouchers, set up group dinners and plan nighttime entertainment, so every day at the park will be perfect.

In Walt Disney World® Resort, groups often choose to take four or five days to explore everything the park has to offer. In Disneyland® Resort, people love to spend a couple days at the park and a couple days checking out Los Angeles.

Hear from a teacher!

Leslie S. has brought her sixth grade class to Walt Disney World® Resort for 17 years. We asked her: What is a Disney YES Program is really like?

“Each Disney YES program is a half-day experience within the Disney Parks. Some programs go behind-the-scenes; some stay right within the park. Students are split into groups and taught hands-on lessons, and many follow up with a ride on an attraction to further explain and reinforce what was being taught. For example, when we participated in a physics program at Magic Kingdom® Park, students were able to ride Space Mountain® with the lights off and then with the lights on.”

Plan your own Disney student tour.