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A Veteran Teacher Shares Student Travel Tips & Stories

A Veteran Teacher Shares Student Travel Tips & Stories featured image

Do you miss travel as much as we do? Are you looking for tips and advice on planning your next student trip?  Group Leader Scott is here to help! He led his first Brightspark trip in 1975—at 23 years old! We recently sat down with him to hear his travel memories, trip planning tips, and the many lessons he's learned over 45 years on the road with us.

Watch the videos below to relive his experiences leading student tours to Springfield and Washington, DC.


45 Years of History

Scott talks about his start as a Group Leader and the lifelong connections made on those early trips.Inspiring Memories - 45 Years with Brightspark


Working with the Brightspark team

Cathy and the Brightspark team have become Scott's trusted friends over the years.Inspiring Memories 6 - Working with Brightspark


Making It New After 45 Years

How do you keep the trip feeling fresh and exciting time and time again?Inspiring Memories 4 - Making It New


Lessons Learned on the Road

Hear travel advice for new and veteran Group Leaders as you embark on planning your own student trip.Inspiring Memories 7 - Lessons Learned on the Road


Big Group? No Problem

Scott organizes a successful trip with multiple buses and hundreds of students. Inspiring Memories 5 - Traveling with 300 Students


7th Graders in the Land of Lincoln

Follow along as middle schoolers catch the travel bug on a Springfield student trip.Inspiring Memories - Springfield Tour Journal


8th Graders in our Nation's Capital

Journey with Scott and 300 students on their annual middle school trip to Washington, DC.Inspiring Memories 3 - DC Tour Journal


Inspiring Memories in DC

With 45 years' worth to choose from, you know Scott has fun travel stories to share! Inspiring Memories in DC


The Impact of Student Travel

Educational trips affect not just youth, but also their teachers and chaperones. Inspiring Memories 10 - Impact of Student Travel


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