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School Fundraising: Collecting, Tracking & Managing Funds

School Fundraising: Collecting, Tracking & Managing Funds featured image

Collecting, managing and tracking funds can be one of the most rewarding aspects of the fundraising process. It can however, come with problems. With misplaced cash, returned checks and multiple individuals handling donations, manual tracking systems make it difficult to ensure accuracy. In the digital era, computer-like precision is expected and necessary — especially with increasingly complicated fundraising methods. That being said, we recommend utilizing the following online tools.


Crowdfunding sites are a great resource for collecting and tracking donations and event tickets — particularly for fundraisers with a strong online presence. Additionally, they allow you to communicate with your target audience with a personal web page, as well as with connections with Facebook, Twitter and email accounts. The capabilities of these sites vary, and we encourage you to explore some of our favorite crowdfunding sites in order to find the right one for your school fundraising efforts.

Online Payment System

PayPal accounts can help you collect funds both online and at events. With PayPal, you can add a “donate” button to your website, or you can sell specific products online. During face-to-face interactions at events such as healthy bake sales, purchases can be made via PayPal. This mobile payment solution allows people to pay for items via a thumb-sized card reader attached to a mobile phone.

Accounting Software

When it comes to managing funds, QuickBooks Intuit is a great accounting software that can be synchronized to your bank or online payment accounts. This software provides quick online reports on subjects such as profits and losses, sales and cash flows.

There is no single “right” way to collect, manage and track your funds — it all depends on what works best for your fundraising method. Please note: Many of these programs require small to moderate payments or portions of profits.

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