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9 Fundraising Lessons | No. 8: Go Green!

9 Fundraising Lessons | No. 8: Go Green! featured image

In addition to helping you reach your fundraising goals in a manner you can truly get behind, green fundraisers show students new ways to take care of the planet. We put together some eco-friendly fundraising ideas that'll help bring sustainability to your school.

Fair Trade Festivals

Favorite fundraising products such as coffee and chocolate are often produced in socially and environmentally harmful manners. Fair trade companies manufacture products ethically and sustainably; they provide living wages and safe working conditions to laborers, use environmentally-friendly production techniques and respect local traditions. The Equal Exchange provides catalogs with popular, fair trade fundraising products.

Recycling Fundraisers

Electronic recycling companies like recycling fundraiser will pay money for used cell phones, electronics and print cartridges. Many will take items such as Ipads even if they do not work. Other waste programs such as TerraCycle pay small amounts for items such as potato chip wrappers and plastic lunch bags. These companies recycle items in unique ways.

Shopping/Lunch Bag Sales

Plastic bags take more than 500 years to degrade, and with one trillion used every year they are one of the main types of trash in our oceans. Cities around the country are banning plastic bags – your fundraiser can work in congruence with these efforts by selling reusable shopping bags and lunch bags.

Plant and Seed Sales

Sow True Seed offers fundraising catalogues filled with Non-hybrid and GMO-free seeds. This is a great way to raise funds while promoting self-sustainable gardening.

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