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9 Fundraising Lessons for 2016 | No. 2: Start Early

9 Fundraising Lessons for 2016 | No. 2: Start Early featured image


“I wish I could have started the planning on fundraising a little sooner.”

When we interviewed Kimberly Wall, a middle school teacher planning her first Disney dance tour, she expressed one of the most common fundraising-related sentiments we hear from teachers: Start planning early and know your timelines.

Start Early

If you want to raise a substantial amount of funds by a given date, we recommend beginning the planning process a full eight months in advance. This gives you plenty of time to plan methods, evaluate logistics, recruit supporters and get your school board’s approval on all activities.

Know Your Timeline

When starting your fundraiser, make sure you to set up a timeline of how the following months will be spent. This should go beyond the start and end date of each fundraising event; include thorough details about creating a message, recruiting volunteers, publicizing your event, fund management and more. Need help setting up a timeline? Check out our comprehensive strategic fundraising template for inspiration.