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5 Ways to Promote Your School Trip

5 Ways to Promote Your School Trip featured image


There are multiple tactics that can be used to promote your tour and recruit students, but no matter which ones you use, one fact rings true: the earlier you start, the better. On average, groups who book over 12 months in advance to tour departures recruit twice as many students as groups who book within six months of tour departures. On top of starting early, here are our favorite ways to promote your tour, recruit students, and get them excited.

1) In-Class Announcement

As soon as you know about your tour, make an in-class announcement, followed up by email reminders to your students. Announcements should include details about your trip, such as destinations, main attractions, purpose and accommodations. Create a handout that lists major dates such as important deadlines, fundraising dates, events such as parent meetings and trip dates. Make it clear that only a projected amount of participants may attend, and that those who register late will be placed on the wait list.

2) Parent Communications

Provide parents with a letter that includes your itinerary, the tour price, registration information, payment information, a list of everything included on your tour. Also provide them with a flyer highlighting information about any school trip insurance the tour may offer. 

Though traditional hard-copy letters can be sent out, there are multiple advantages of communicating through email. For the enrollment form, the email can include a Google Doc that allows them to easily type in the essential information. Additionally, your itinerary can include links to the attractions the students will be visiting.

3) Email Notifications

Following your initial announcement, continue to keep parents and students in the loop about your tour by sending emails covering relevant subjects:

  • Upcoming deadlines and events
  • Fun facts about your destination
  • Scholarships and fundraisers
  • Videos and pictures from the previous year

4) Social Media

Like sending emails, social media can bring attention and add excitement to your tour after you’ve made the initial announcement. Facebook can serve as a medium for posts covering subjects similar to those addressed via email. It can also act as a forum where students and parents can ask questions and address concerns.

5) Posters & Flyers

Once you’ve booked your education or performance tour, ask your Tour Consultant for promotional materials, such as posters of your destination. Hang these posters up in your classroom or any other location where potential student travelers will spend their time.