Where performance and education become inspiration.

Welcome to Brightspark! Wherever you want to go, and whatever you want your students to learn, we’ve got you covered. For 50 years, Brightspark has been helping teachers take their students on customized, personalized educational and performance tours across North America.

From exploring the history of Washington, D.C., to performing new dance moves with a professional Broadway choreographer, Brightspark tours are all about getting interactive, hands-on, and experiential—all while having tons of fun.

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With up to 46 new Broadways shows coming out every season, it is inevitable that the majority won’t stick around for long. Yet several game-changing...

Less than 50% of Americans have ever left the great U.S. of A., and this is a problem.

In our increasingly globalized economy, more and more U.S....

I’ll admit: growing up, I wasn't the best student. I struggled in middle school and a little in high school, but by college I’d developed a passion for...

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