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Washington, DC and Colonial Williamsburg Student Travel

Washington, DC, Williamsburg, VA
Students in US Capitol Building

Washington, DC and Colonial Williamsburg Student Travel

Washington, DC, Williamsburg, VA

Tour Snapshot

Destination: Washington, DC, Williamsburg, VAType: EducationalSubject: History, Social Studies, Politics, Science, Leadership, College Prep, TRIO, STEM, Literature


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From colonial history to today’s current events, these East Coast cities have shaped the politics and lifestyles of U.S. citizens for over two centuries. With iconic monuments, memorials and a remarkable variety of museums, Washington, D.C. boasts a number of interactive learning experiences for student travelers. In addition, its government buildings will inspire students to interact with the politics and social issues of the day. After a history trip to Washington, DC, travel back to the 18th century in Colonial Williamsburg. A school trip to this restored historic town introduces students to the revolution-era lifestyles and individuals that contributed to United States’ founding democratic principles.

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  • Visit Ford's Theare
  • Walk The National Mall
  • Visit Colonial Williamsburg
  • Visit the WWII Memorial

Day 1

Arrive Washington, DC

Take a Picture in Front of the White House

Walk the Grounds of Capitol Hill

Walk the lawns of the U.S. Capitol—home to the United States Congress—and tour the exteriors of the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress and several influential government office buildings.

Enjoy Lunch

Visit the National Archives

Discover American history through documents, photos and records, including the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Visit the Lincoln, Vietnam and Korean Memorials

Visit the Einstein Statue

Upon a dais representing astronomical objects, a bronze figure of everybody’s favorite genius sits casually amongst his manuscripts.

Enjoy Dinner

Check into Your Hotel

DC Students

Day 2

Enjoy Breakfast at Your Hotel

Tour Arlington National Cemetery Tour and Watch Changing of the Guards

Filled with the casualties and deceased veterans of American conflicts spanning back to the Civil War, explore the Women in Military Services for America Memorial, John F. Kennedy’s “eternal flame” and the Tomb of the Unknowns.

Visit the Iwo Jima Marine Memorial

Depicting the six servicemen who raised the second U.S. flag during the WWII battle of Iwo Jima, this statue was dedicated to the Marine personnel who’ve died defending the United States.

Visit the Pentagon Memorial

Dedicated on September 11, 2008 and located just Southwest of the Pentagon building, 184 illuminated benches commemorate the 184 individuals who died in the attack.

Enjoy Lunch

Visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Permanent Exhibit

In a cold, dark building meant to evoke terror and sobriety, exhibits follow the Nazi rise to power, the lives of Jews confined to the ghettos, the horror of “The Final Solution,” and in the Daniel’s Story exhibit, the experience of a child.

Visit the Washington Monument

Discover the 555 foot marble obelisk, and discover insights into a planning process that began even before Washington was elected president.

Visit the WWII Memorial

Enjoy Dinner

Visit the Jefferson and FDR Memorials

Students at Jefferson Memorial

Day 3

Enjoy Breakfast at Your Hotel

Drive Down Embassy Row

Luxurious mansions from the 19th and 20th century are now filled with embassies from throughout the world.

Visit the National Zoo

Established in 1889, this 163 acre zoo is home to over 400 different species—many of which are endangered of threatened. Visit the park’s most famous inhabitants: giant pandas.

Visit Your Choice of Smithsonian Museums

Often referred to as The Castle, the “nation’s attic’s” administrative headquarters also has exhibits on the institution itself.

Enjoy Lunch

Depart for Williamsburg

Enjoy Dinner

Tour the Haunted Hotspots of Colonial Williamsburg

Check into Your Hotel

students on tour in williamsburg

Day 4

Enjoy Breakfast at Your Hotel

Visit Virginia Beach

Enjoy Lunch

Visit Colonial Williamsburg

Restored to its 18th-century appearance, this mile-long section of restored colonial buildings teaches the history of the Revolution with period costumed interpreters and historical establishments.

Visit the Governor's Palace

Enjoy Dinner

Depart for Home

Enjoy Lunch in the Park

students in williamsburg


  • Success Story D.C.
  • Williamsburg Student Review

    Thank you for helping us make this trip possible. It was definitely an easy and enjoyable process.

    - Chris R., Kentucky
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  • Washington, D.C. Student Tour Review

    I want people to know that these trips are worth it. I grew close to people that I didn't ever think I would become friends with. This trip meant very much to me.

    - Mallory Z., Iowa
  • Washington, D.C. Student Tour Review

    I am completely amazed by the quality of service Brightspark provides and I would never consider undertaking a trip of this magnitude with any company other than Brightspark!

    - Cindy M., Alabama
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Art of Advocacy Workshop

Art of Advocacy Workshop

Help students form critical opinions while introducing them to the core issues behind current Supreme Court cases. Designed to comply with Common Core standards, this 60-90 minute workshop introduces students to the art of advocacy by providing them with the tools and information they need to develop and support their opinions. After learning about advocacy from Paul Hayes, the Director of Debate at George Washington University, students will face an audience as they support their views on topics such as energy production and amnesty for illegal immigrants.

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students running on tour

Spark Fit

Teach students the importance of health, fitness and feeling good! Students participate in an outdoor nutrition class led by an expert instructor, followed by a light, interactive workout. Health consciousness continues throughout the tour as students keep track of their steps with pedometers and dig into nutritious meals.

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