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Civil Rights Student Tours

Memphis, TN, Birmingham, AL, Selma, AL, Montgomery, AL
student on civil rights tour

Civil Rights Student Tours

Memphis, TN, Birmingham, AL, Selma, AL, Montgomery, AL

Tour Snapshot

Destination: Memphis, TN, Birmingham, AL, Selma, AL, Montgomery, ALType: EducationalSubject: Social Studies, History, Politics

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Relive the powerful lessons of the Modern Civil Rights Movement with this exclusive civil rights tour from Brightspark! This once-in-a-lifetime experience transports students back to the tumultuous time period between 1955 and 1965. Retrace the path toward equality and voting rights in the South with visits to Birmingham, Montgomery, Selma, Tuskegee and Atlanta. Your students will return from this tour with an in-depth civil rights education.

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  • The National Civil Rights Museum and Institute
  • Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church
  • Edmund Pettus Bridge
  • The Civil Rights Memorial
  • The Rosa Parks Museum

Day 1

Arrive in Memphis

Visit the National Civil Rights Museum

Located at the Lorraine Hotel, where James Earl Ray shot at Martin Luther King, this informational museum takes students through the tumultuous struggle for equality. Spanning from the slave era to contemporary times, the multimedia exhibits cover the evolution of civil rights.

Enjoy Lunch

Visit the Slave Haven Underground Museum

Immerse students in the gritty side of African American history with a tour through this Underground Railroad house, complete with dark cellars, hidden passageways and trap doors. Built by slave sympathizer and German Immigrant Jacob Burkle, the modest home now hosts artifacts and reenactments that tell the story of the Memphis slave trade and the Underground Railroad.

Check into Your Hotel

Enjoy Dinner

students in memphis

Day 2

Enjoy Breakfast at Hotel

Check out of Hotel

Travel to Birmingham

Visit the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

Enjoy Lunch

Visit Kelly Ingram Park

Located just outside the 16th Street Baptist Church, several large-scale civil rights demonstrations took place in this park, including one in which demonstrators were brutalized by police. It now boast several sculptures related to the movement and has been rededicated as “A Place of Revolution and Reconciliation.”

Tour 16th Street Baptist Church

This church, which served as a headquarters for civil rights activist, was bombed by Ku Klux Klan members in 1963. This bombing killed four young girls, and caused national outrage and awareness.

Check into Your Hotel

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

Day 3

Enjoy Breakfast at Hotel

Travel to Selma

Visit the National Voting Rights Museum

This museum displays artifacts and testimonials related to the events that led up to the 1965 Voting Rights Act, from the women’s suffrage movement to the Selma to Montgomery marches.

Enjoy Lunch

Visit Edmund Pettus Bridge

In reaction to the death of Jimmie Lee Jackson, the SCLC arranged a peaceful march from Selma to Montgomery. Upon crossing this bridge on their way out from Selma, the protestors were brutally attacked by policemen. The event became known as “Bloody Sunday,” and shocking image helped gain support for the Selma Voting Right Movement.

Visit the Lowndes County Interpretive Center

Enjoy Dinner

student on tour in selma

Day 4

Enjoy Breakfast at Hotel

Check out of Hotel

Travel to Montgomery

Visit the Civil Rights Memorial

Tour Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church

In the church led by Martin Luther King Jr. from 1954 to 1960, one can see where many of Montgomery’s earliest civil rights activities, including the 1965 Bus Boycott, were planned.

Enjoy Lunch

Visit the Rosa Parks Museum

Learn about the people and events surrounding the influential Montgomery Bus Boycott in a museum with features such as a recreated street scene and a video reenactment of Parks’ famous refusal to move seats.

Depart for Home

students on tour in birmingham


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