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Student in New york city


You and Your Tour Specialist

After you book your tour, you will be set up with a Tour Specialist who is dedicated to assisting you with your preparation. They will work with our operations department to procure reservations for all of the accommodations and attractions on your itinerary, and will keep close contact with you to ensure that you are happy with your itinerary.

Along with the customer service team, your Tour Specialist will take care of almost everything regarding itineraries and registration. There are just a few things you will need to provide to your Tour Specialist, and they will give you thorough instructions before they are due:

  • A rooming list with student, chaperone and tour sponsors names, along with an indication of which students will be rooming together. Rooming lists can be created in the portal.
  • List of tour attendee’s legal names (first, middle and last) and birthdates. This will be used for any flight arrangements.
  • List of attendee's emergency contacts and phone numbers. This information can be collected in our portal.
  • Pre-orders for meals (if applicable).

Parent Meeting

You will host a parent meeting at your school. Prior to this meeting, your Tour Consultant will work with you to identify the issues that must be addressed for parents. While these issues vary from group to group, many parent meetings are spent:

  • Informing parents of our exceptional safety and security procedures.
  • Explaining the itinerary and why certain attractions were chosen.
  • Highlighting the importance of our optional Refund Guarantee Protection program.
communicating with parents.

Communications With Parents

It is essential to keep parents informed from the moment you announce your student tour to the time you arrive home from your destination. Brightspark Travel will be in contact with parents about information such as deadlines, but we encourage you to remind them of related happenings within your group. Email messaging and your tour website are great ways to communicate facts and post documents that can be accessed by parents.

Communicating with students

Communications With Students

For many students, your education or performance tour will be the first time they are away from home, without their parents. Because of this, they will need more help with basic information such as etiquette and packing. Prior to your trip's departure, we will send students resources on packing and behavioral guidelines. 

There are several creative ways to keep students informed and get them excited. With the popularity of social media, starting a hashtag, private Facebook group or private Instagram group with them is a great idea.


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