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Chaperones of an educational student tour


Our student tours wouldn’t be possible without chaperones. If your Group Leader has elected you as a chaperone, read on to learn how you will contribute to your tour.

General Responsibilities

On the day of departure, check in participants and make sure everyone is present. Take head counts of students each time you leave a site or board a bus. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the itinerary to help keep the group on schedule. It’s important to ensure that all group members are together at all times. For the safety of your group, enforcing safety precautions, behavioral rules and your school’s code of conduct is necessary. Additionally, make sure students are paying attention and absorbing information while sightseeing. Lastly, advising students to call parents is encouraged.

Hotels and Transportation

Work with Tour Directors to help students check in to the hotel. Overnight supervision varies by group, but you may need to help monitor behaviors and ensure that students stay in hotel rooms after curfew. For transportation, work with Tour Directors to help with transitioning between flights, trains and motor coaches. Assist students at the baggage claim and make sure the group stays especially close together at the airport.

Safety and Protection

As an official chaperone, our General Liability Insurance coverage is extended to you — cost free! Additionally, Brightspark Travel collaborates with local governing authorities to maintain a detailed Emergency and Incident Response Plan that follows recommendations set forth by the US Department of Homeland Security. In the case that you need to contact Brightspark Travel outside of our regular hours, you may contact our 24/7 hotline number at 800-962-0060. Or you can speak with your Tour Director, who’s been trained to handle all of your tour needs.

Please view our Safety & Security page for more information.


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