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Voices on Broadway Inspires Performers of Every Type

Voices on Broadway Inspires Performers of Every Type featured image


Once a year, we bring talented performers to New York City for an introduction to the professional world of Broadway theatre. Voices on Broadway is a performance event where students work with Broadway professionals and perform alongside a Broadway cast during a live curtain call performance. This event has long been popular for theatre and choir groups, but recently, we expanded it to include amazing opportunities for dance groups.

Group leader JoAnn brought 12 dancers from East Dance Studios to Voices on Broadway this March. We caught up with her about all the experiences her dancers are about to have. Here’s what we learned.

Clinic at Ripley Grier Studios

For decades, the famous Ripley-Grier Studios has been a favorite practice spot for Broadway’s most famous performers. Voices on Broadway takes performers here for adjudicated clinics with Broadway professionals. Dancers from East Studios will perform and receive personalized feedback from top dance professionals. “This is a more specialized and private workshop for them,” says JoAnn.


Broadway Curtain Call Performance

At Voices on Broadway, performers sing to a live audience during the mass curtain call of a live Broadway show. Even though singing may not be their expertise, East Studio’s dancers are excited to sing alongside the cast of “Fiddler on the Roof” this year. The group’s been training with a vocal coach, and they are grateful for a performance opportunity that broadens their horizons.




New York, New York!

Many of the dancers at East Studios have mainly done dance competitions within their home state of Massachusetts, so the Big Apple is a big deal for them. Luckily, with Voices on Broadway, they’ll have plenty of opportunities to tour the city’s top attractions. The group’s especially excited to visit Radio City Music Hall, where they’ll meet a world-famous Rockette.

It’s All in the Family

“Dance studios travel with families, so there are a lot of families coming down to New York. So they do a lot of night activities on their own. We have one group dinner.”

Ready for Take-Off

“Many of the students have performed at Disney or in competitions, but this is their first Broadway experience,” says JoAnn. “We are very proud of them as an organization as they are expanding their horizons and trying something new.”