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Vive la France ... au Chicago!

Vive la France ... au Chicago! featured image

Just last week Chicago celebrated the 4th of July as only the Windy City could, but on Monday it will go red, white and blue again for another country’s national holiday: Bastille Day, France’s Fête National. 

Happy-Bastille-Day-2014On July 14, 1789, Parisian peasants and revolutionaries stormed the Bastille, a prison fortress in the heart of Paris. This coup d'état marked the start of the French Revolution.

As a sister-city of Paris, Chicago celebrates the holiday with a variety of events. Activities include a 5K run along Lake Michigan, live musical performances by French-speaking artists, a race among local French waiters, the Alliance de Franҫaise Cultural Center, a demonstration of the French sport Pètanque and, of course, authentic French cuisine!