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Lesson Plans From the Blue Man Group

Lesson Plans From the Blue Man Group featured image


Blue Man Group shows are popular nighttime activities on many student tours. In addition to entertaining all five senses, the shows encourage students to rethink their perspectives on science, music and social conventions. Lucky for educators, the Blue Man Group has created lesson plans that bring the insights from their shows into the classroom. Plans are available across grade levels and subject type.

Melodious Math Inventions — Perfect for music and math classes

The Blue Men are known to experiment with instruments. These lesson plans explore the science of sounds created by various instruments and found objects.

Grades 3-5: Students think about how one can make instruments out of found objects.

Grades 5-8: Using a variety of instruments, groups measure the relationship between pitch and length.

Grade 6-8: After creating instruments from found items, students compose their own musical pieces.

The Science of Goo — Perfect for science classes

Anyone who’s seen the Blue Man Group knows that goo and other silly substances play a role in the performance. These science-based lessons examine the physical properties of goo and goo-like objects.

Grades 3-5: Students use their senses to describe the physical properties of common items.

Grades 5-8: Following specific directions, students create goo and record their observations.

Grades 9-12: Students experiment with a variety of ingredients to create their own goo-like substance.

The Dance of the Group Member and the Trickster — Perfect for social studies and humanities classes

Throughout a single show, the Blue Man Group’s costumed performers explore the relationship between the group and the individual. These lesson plans explore how group and individual identity are expressed on a day to day level.

Grades 3-5: Students look through magazine images and categorize them based on group characteristic.

Grades 6-8: After reading folklore tales of tricksters, students analyze storylines and character traits. Small groups work together to create their own trickster stories.

Grades 9-12: Groups study the  nature of tribes and the challenges of making negotiations between tribes.

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