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Kickin' It Around The 2014 World Cup: Germany

Kickin' It Around The 2014 World Cup: Germany featured image

One of the most powerful economies in the world is also home to one of the best soccer teams, Germany offers tons of history, from its role in Great War, Nazism in World War II and finally the tearing down of the Berlin Wall.  Their soccer team is looking to make history on the field as well, and with a title this year would tie Italy for second most all time (behind Brazil).  


Germany: Time to Win Now

FIFA Ranking: #2

Population: 82 million

Capital and Largest City: Berlin

Language: German

National Dish: Currywurst, doner kebab, and sauerbraten are all considered national dishes of Germany.

Historic Sites: Neuschwanstein is the ultimate fairy tale castle. Situated on a rugged hill in southern Bavaria, it was the inspiration for the Cinderella castle at Walt Disney World. Other great sites include the Brandenburg Gate, Cologne Cathedral, and Frauenkirche in Dresden.  

Why it's good for student travel:  Since the 19th century, Berlin has been at the center of many key European issues, from unification to Nazism to the Cold War. All of these subjects have resonated throughout Europe and the world, making Berlin an ideal city to engage any student of history.

Did you know:  There are over 300 kinds of bread in Germany. There are even bread museums! 

Team Nickname: Die Mannschaft. Germany's nickname means "The Team" in German. Simple, practical and formidable when spoken.

Best Player: Germany's best player (arguably) is Marco Reus, and he's out for the tournament with an injury. The Germans are stacked, however, with Mesut Özil, Thomas Müller, and Miroslav Klose to name a few  

2010 Finish: 3rd Place

Current Results: W vs Portugal (5-1), draw vs. Ghana (2-2)

Next Up: United States (6/27). 

Previous Highlights:






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Image: ESPN/ Cristiano Siqueira