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Kickin' It Around The 2014 World Cup: France

Kickin' It Around The 2014 World Cup: France featured image

France is a haven for student travel. Whether you are a French teacher trying to immerse your students in French culture, taking art students to see famous paintings at the Louvre or the Musée d'Orsay, or taking a bringing a group of history students to Omaha beach in Normandy, your trip to France will captivate your students and offer endless learning opportunities. As for the World Cup, the 2014 French team is looking for some of that inspiration after a brutal showing back in 2010. Here is what you need to know about France and their World Cup team.  


France: Unpredictable


FIFA Ranking: #17

Population: 66 million

Capital and Largest City: Paris

Language: Frenchfrance_0

National Dish: With such a strong culinary tradition, it's hard to pick just one dish. But the crepe is as French as it comes. Originating in the Brittany region, which is in northwest France, most crepes are often eaten with a savory or sweet filling.  

Historic Sites: The Eiffel Tower is the main tourist attraction in France and is celebrating it's 125th anniversary this year. More than 200 Million people have visited the iconic landmark, making it the most visited tourist attraction in the world.  Other sites your students will love are the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, The Palace of Versailles. If you're taking a history class you shouldn't miss visiting the beaches of Normandy.  

Why it's good for student travel: France is known world-wide for its sophisticated urban elegance, rustic countryside, luxurious seaside resorts, rich culture and second-to-none cuisine. Your students will see the stunning capital city of Paris with it legendary landmarks, including the iconic Eiffel Tower. The northern region of Normandy offers a mix of beautiful countryside and long coastlines, and is famed for its many significant World War II battlefields. In the northwest, the administrative and cultural region of Brittany, which occupies a large peninsula, is steeped in ancient history, ready to be explored.

Did you know: France is the most visited country in the world: 83 million tourists visited in 2012.  

Team Nickname: Les Bleus is France's nickname because the color dominates the team's uniforms. It's actually a nickname for most teams across French sports.

Best Player: The teams best player, Frank Ribery is out of the World Cup with an injury, so France will look to Karim Benzema to put the ball in the net.  They also have one of the best keepers in tournament, Hugo Lloris, who has already provided them with one clean sheet. 

2010 Finish: Knocked out of the group stage.

Current Results: W vs Honduras (3-0), W vs. Switzerland (5-2)

Next Up: Ecuador (6/25)

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Image: ESPN/ Cristiano Siqueira