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How To Keep Parents Informed During Your Student Tour

How To Keep Parents Informed During Your Student Tour featured image

While Brightspark tours are all about inspiring students, it’s often times parents and loved ones who put in the investment. Yet many of these parents don’t get to tag along on tour, meaning they won’t get to see how their investment paid off until kids come home giddy with tales.

Luckily, technology makes it easy to update parents on tour happenings. We recently spoke with one clever teacher, Ryan from Wisconsin, who’s been blogging about her Washington D.C. tours since 2010.

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“The parents are always so engaged with our trip, and the blog is a fun way to keep them involved as we travel,” she said. 

During her educational tours, Ryan puts up posts that list each day’s itinerary, along with pictures (both goofy and inspirational) from the day’s adventure. The blog also contains quotes from the kids and unexpected happenings throughout the day … such as the insane amount of selfies that were snapped at the Washington monument.

Parents can check out the blog posts in real time, and can share them with friends and loved ones on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Ryan also uses the blog to communicate with parents while planning educational tours by posting important information* and using pictures from previous years to advertise.

Ryan use blogspot to stay in touch — a platform that we highly recommend. Not only is blogspot free, it is also intuitive and allows teachers to choose between several creative themes. 

Be inspired by tech savy teachers like Ryan.

*She deletes this information after it becomes irrelevant, leading to a clean look.