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Happy Dancers, Teachers and Parents During Recital Time? Here’s how…

Happy Dancers, Teachers and Parents During Recital Time? Here’s how… featured image

Happy recital season! This is the perfect time of year to inspire and motivate students and families for next season by planning a dance performance or dance training trip for the fall or winter of 2014 ... or get a jump on 2015 or 2016. Announcing your plans at the recital leaves your students and families inspired and motivated to return.

As a dance studio owner who travels with my dancers, and who now proudly serves on the Brightspark Performance Tour team, here are some dancer favorite destinations:



1. Disney

There is no place like the Happiest Place On Earth!  Disney offers incredible performance venues and fantastic workshops for dancers of all skill levels, and opportunities are available year round to fit your dance calendar.

At Disney Dancin’ workshops, dancers experience the life of a professional dancer in a fun, upbeat and positive atmosphere including a simulated audition and performance. There are also new Dance Technique Workshops where you can choose the style you'd like your group to concentrate on and professional Disney choreographers will customize a 90-minute workshop to your group's level.  

2. Dance the World Parade at Disney

An exclusive and spectacular opportunity at Walt Disney World® Resort, Florida, held on select dates in June and July. Dance the World offers your performers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to parade down Main Street U.S.A and perform in a Disney Theater Stage Show. It’s an experience your families won't soon forget!

3. New York City

Theirs is only one Broadway, and for young dancers the opportunities are pretty amazing. Unique experiences and opportunities are available year round for  your dancers to hone their techniques, train in NYC, and even participate in a live Broadway show! You can customize your NYC trip to focus dance training, performances, and fun, of course.

4. National Performing Arts Festival (Disney) or Voices on Broadway (NYC)

For Performing Arts Schools, exclusive events like the National Performing Arts Festival (at Disney every February) and Voices on Broadway (in New York City each Spring) are exclusive events whose experience is second to none. Did you know that NPAF is one of Brightspark’s most popular events for theater and the Performing Arts? Did you know that with Voices on Broadway, students get a chance to perform with a Broadway cast, during a live Broadway show? Incredible!