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Expand Worldviews With International Tours

Expand Worldviews With International Tours featured image


Other than its association with a certain less-than-cultured magazine, the term cosmopolitan has always been viewed in a positive light. Familiarity with countries and cultures other than one’s own makes for a dynamic, empathetic and knowledgeable individual. So why is it that less than 50% of Americans have stepped foot outside of the old U.S. of A.?

While many will blame the cost-prohibitive nature of overseas travel, Mark Twain once argued that “travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.” Of course, we are by no means asserting that our dear readers are narrow-minded bigots, but statistics show that Americans tend to keep their concerns domestic. In fact, a 2009 State of the News Media report showed that only 10.3% of the year’s news media coverage went to foreign affairs, while 13% went to a polygamy case in Texas.*

If that’s not enough to get you grabbin’ your passport, a peek at Brightspark’s most popular international tours should.

London, Paris & Rome

From modern painting methods to Harry Potter, pizza to drop-waist dresses, the cultural influences of these three famed metropolises are undeniable. Plus, if you think that farmhouse at the end of your block is old, take a look at the Colosseum and the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Costa Rica

Adventure awaits on this tropical paradise where ecologically diverse species live in harmony with the colorful locals.  White water raft down winding mountain streams, walk through canopies on swinging bridges and find out why the country’s natural splendors and peaceful politics have earned it the nickname, the “Switzerland of Latin America.”

Madrid & Barcelona

Renowned throughout the world for its passionate and colorful culture, Spain is home to eclectic architecture, artistic masterpieces, delectable cuisine and decidedly spicy music. See how the country’s rich history exists alongside today's modern lifestyles.