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Brightspark Adds Civil Rights Tour

Brightspark Adds Civil Rights Tour featured image

Relive the powerful lessons of the modern Civil Rights Movement through this exclusive program from Brightspark! This once-in-a-lifetime educational experience will transport you back to the tumultuous time period between 1955 and 1965, as you retrace the struggle for equality and voting rights in the South with visits to Birmingham, Montgomery, and Selma.


Your students will return from our Civil Rights tour with a clear understanding and appreciation for how thousands of men, women and children suffered, struggled and, in many cases, gave their lives while fighting for human dignity and equality.

Brightspark is the only student tour provider to with this kind of itinerary, and is offering a free, teachers-only preview tour to show you how impactful this tour is.  

Highlights of our Civil Rights itinerary include:

  • Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
  • Dexter Avenue King Church
  • Landmarks along the famous Selma march including the Edmund Pettus Bridge
  • 16th Street Baptist Church
  • Talks with Civil Rights leaders and activists

Plan a Civil Rights Student Tour