Performance & Events

Performance & Events

Want to give your group the best experience possible? Brightspark has helped countless directors create unique, memorable tours for acting and theater groups, bands, and choirs, including world-renowned festivals, well-known parades, and outstanding competitions.


Whatever you choose, you can count on an inspiring trip for your group and a fun, hassle-free experience for yourself.



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Brightspark offers trips to events and performances worldwide. From festivals to parades, our event programs provide your students with a combination of parade and festival participation, local sightseeing and professional exposure. Once-in-a-lifetime opportunities await! 


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Wherever you want to go, and whatever you want your students to learn, we’ve got you covered. For over 45 years, Brightspark has been helping directors like you take their students on customized, personalized performance tours across North America.


Perform on Broadway Stage, march in college football bowl game on New Years Day, or dance down main street of Disney World whatever you choose Brightspark Travel can take you there.


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Whether you’re looking to help plan a school trip, want to chaperone or just need some more info on your child’s upcoming excursion, this section is for you. Here you’ll find all the latest program itineraries, options and safety information to ensure your child gets the best trip possible and you get the peace of mind of knowing they’re safe.


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Learning new dance moves on Broadway, perfecting a b-flat in the middle of a symphony concert hall, performing in front of a packed halftime audience—all while making new friends and exploring an awesome city. Sound good? (We thought it might) If you’re interested in taking a performance tour, simply provide your instructor’s name to get started.


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