Packing Guide

Packing Guide

Suggested Packing List

Check the weather for the location to which you are traveling. A good website for weather information is

  • One pair of comfortable walking shoes ( you will most likely wear these when you depart)
  • One outfit for each day you are on tour (slacks, shorts, tops, sweaters- pack for the season you are traveling)
  • One piece of rain gear – umbrella, rain jacket, rain poncho
  • Swimsuit if swimming is allowed on your tour
  • Pajamas
  • Personal items (under garments, socks)
  • Toiletries – refer to the 3-1-1 rule
  • Grooming tools (brush, comb, toothbrush)
  • Jacket during cool weather

This is truly all you need. As stated on the reverse, most days the clothing you wear in the morning is the same clothing you will be all day. You will leave the hotel each morning and not return until night.


Most airlines are now charging a fee for checked bags. The only exception is for travelers who belong to airline travel clubs or who hold an elevated status such as United Premier (lowest elite status on United Airlines) or Advantage Gold (lowest elite status on American Airlines) whereby checked bag fees are waived. Generally, student travelers have not attained this status.


Note: the only airline not currently charging a fee to check a bag is Southwest.


As a result, and to avoid having to bring money to the airport to check your bag, we are encouraging tour participants to pack using carry-on luggage only. Listed below are acceptable dimensions for carry-on luggage and a suggested packing list. Remember, the clothes you travel in as well as the clothing put on each morning, on most tours, will be the same clothes you wear for the entire day.


Please refer to the information below when choosing luggage. A suggested packing list is on the reverse. The suggested packing list is easily accommodated in a carry-on bag.


Note: If you choose to check a bag the responsibility for paying the checked bag fee will be yours. The recent checked bag fees are not covered in your tour price. The Final Information Letter for your tour states the checked bag fee for your flight. Be sure to bring the fee for both the outbound and return flights. The fee is the responsibility of the traveler. Avoid this fee by carrying on.

Carry-On Luggage

Passengers are allowed a maximum of two carry-on pieces, of which one may be a purse, laptop, or backpack. Any carry-on item must fit under the seat or in the overhead bin. The maximum dimensions for carry-on luggage are:

  • 22 inches in length
  • 14 inches in width
  • 9 inches in depth

Airline agents are specifically looking for oversized carry-on luggage, so be sure to measure the dimensions of your luggage carefully before you pack and make sure that packed suitcases are not bulging, forcing any of the dimensions to increase. (A suggested packing list is on the reverse side.)


Any liquids or gels that you pack in your carry-on must not exceed 3 ounces per container and must fit into one quart size plastic Ziploc style bag. Quart size Ziploc bags can be found at the grocery store in the storage bag aisle. Refer to and click on the 3-1-1 link if additional information is needed. Liquids and gels include (this list is not all inclusive) nail polish, toothpaste, deodorant, mouthwash, shampoo, hairspray, hair styling products, liquid makeup and so forth. If any of the liquid or gel containers exceed 3 ounces you will have to leave the product behind or check your bag.


Checking your bag will incur a fee.

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