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With over 40 years of travel experience, Educational Tours has combined its knowledge and strength with its sister companies; National Events, New Horizons and Travel Adventures, to provide the best experiences through educational trips for you and your students with Brightspark.

Educational Tours, as part of Brightspark Travel, offers high-quality educational travel experiences for students that enhance and bring to life classroom instruction and school curriculum. By joining with these three great student travel companies, Educational Tours, now as Brightspark Travel, can offer you and your students the best service for a more educational and more exciting student travel experience than ever before!
Brightspark is the combination of 100 years of travel experience and by simplifying the planning, coordination and management of student travel, aims to bring the best of each four companies to create the ultimate full-service student travel experience. Planning, developing and managing educational trips couldn’t be easier thanks to an unmatched selection of custom designed tours that meed your group's curriculum and budget goals. Whether you are looking for educational, performance or sporting events, Brightspark has a solution for your students.

Through collaborating with three other leading student travel companies, Educational Tours is now at the heart of a vast selection of beneficial and inspiring school travel and field trips. With a 24 hour helpline and excellent staff expertise, Brightspark aims to encourage teachers to forget their student tour worries and instead embrace an expertly crafted travel plan that makes the entire process an easy journey from beginning to end.

From learning the history of New York City to performing at The Disney Jazz Celebration, educators, parents, and students will be blown away by the huge variety of domestic and international student travel experiences Educational Tours can now provide to you and your group.

See What Our Customers are Saying:

"The trip was awesome. We had a great time and couldn't have asked for a better experience for our students. I am looking forward to traveling with you again. The professionalism of your staff was exceptional and made the trip go off without a hitch. Thanks for all you help and support."
Brian, Tour Moderator

"The trip was perfect. The kids loved everything. Thank you for all of your hard work. Educational Tours really gave our school something special and the kids will remember this experience their entire lives."
Heather, Tour Moderator
New Mexico

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