Educational Tours

Learn about Lincoln – and nature – in Springfield, Illinois
August 29, 2012
Class trips to Springfield, Illinois, provide students with the unique opportunity to explore the state’s natural beauty and learn about one of the country’s most historic figures - former President Abraham Lincoln – when they visit the Lincoln Memorial Garden & Nature Center. Read More >
Visit UC San Diego to see 'Bear' and the 'Sun God'
August 27, 2012
If students have a passion for the visual arts, they can always work hard and apply to a college or university that offers the right program for them. Read More >
When in Boston, take in a game at Fenway Park
August 27, 2012
When people grow up around Boston, Massachusetts, they don’t go long without seeing a Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park. Read More >
Gain inspiration while walking the Carell Woodland Sculpture Trail
August 27, 2012
Students have surely sipped a beverage from a glass cup or looked out a glass window, but have they ever walked over a bridge made completely of the material? Read More >
Visit Florida to meet Swampy, the world’s largest alligator
August 27, 2012
On class trips to Christmas, Florida, school groups can step inside the enormous mouth of a 200-foot-long alligator and live to tell the tale. Read More >
Explore New Orleans’ past – in wax form
August 27, 2012
School tours based around a visit to a wax museum always make for a fun experience. Read More >
Go underground to appreciate Missouri’s Billion Gallon Lake
August 24, 2012
Missouri landmarks, such as the Gateway Arch and Cahokia Mounds, are definitely sights to behold and warrant class trips. Read More >
When visiting Spain, spend time at the Museo Nacional del Prado
August 23, 2012
If students are fortunate enough to take advantage of high school travel opportunities with a trip to Spain, they may be so excited they have no idea where to begin their sightseeing experience. Read More >
Step aboard the historic Battleship New Jersey
August 23, 2012
Any children who have spent time along the waterfront in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, may have spied a large warship on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River. Read More >
Visit Northern Ireland’s walled city of Derry
August 22, 2012
While cities often feel like their own little worlds, Derry, the second-largest metropolis in Northern Ireland, takes this feeling to another level. Read More >

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