Educational Tours

Visit the country's first children's museum in Brooklyn
September 6, 2012
As Brooklyn has the largest population of New York City's five boroughs, it should come as no surprise that this area has its very own children's museum. Read More >
See whales and dolphins on class trips to Virginia Beach
September 6, 2012
There is no denying the fact that Virginia is loaded with educational travel destinations. Read More >
Fall – a great time for outdoor educational tours
September 5, 2012
Not every child looks forward to the fall season. After all, the arrival of autumn signifies the end of summer vacation and the start of a whole new school year. Read More >
Celebrate early childhood at the Children's Museum of Tacoma
September 4, 2012
Children living in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. have a place where they can learn all about nature, explore their artistic side and let their imagination take them on wild adventures - all under one roof. Read More >
Learn about the history of espionage on class trips to Washington, DC
August 31, 2012
When future United States presidents take the oath of office, they become privy to a wide array of knowledge unknown to the public, and even some members of their administration. Read More >
Kids can learn all about Miami at the city's children's museum
August 30, 2012
In Florida, there is certainly an abundance of beautiful beaches. However, there is only one place kids can find a two-story sandcastle, and that's the Miami Children's Museum. Read More >
Play like it's the 1920s at San Antonio's Kiddie Park
August 30, 2012
To provide a fun experience right out of yesteryear, teachers can organize class trips to Kiddie Park in San Antonio, Texas. As this attraction was established way back in 1925, it has the privilege of being the nation's oldest children's amusement park. Read More >
Catch a puppet show at Children's Fairyland
August 30, 2012
Kids may have visited Florida's Walt Disney World, or California's Disneyland, but have they ever been to Children's Fairyland? Read More >
Relive rock and roll history at Sun Studio
August 29, 2012
Music legends, such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Roy Orbison, have all recorded songs at Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee. Read More >
Get lost in a Michigan corn maze
August 29, 2012
If children have ever had an opportunity to run through a corn maze, they know how much fun trying to find their way out of a field of towering cornstalk can be. Read More >

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