Educational Tours

Take a short break from learning at Canada's Wonderland
September 17, 2012
Class trips to Ontario, Canada, provide students with a chance to visit the province's exciting cities, such as Ottawa, Toronto and the breathtaking natural attraction Niagara Falls. Read More >
Visit London's floating museum – the HMS Belfast
September 14, 2012
In the South, students can visit the USS Alabama battleship, while up North, school groups can step aboard the USS Massachusetts or the USS Intrepid in New York City. Read More >
Where to take students this election season
September 13, 2012
Now that Democratic President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney have accepted the nominations from their political parties, the 2012 presidential election is officially underway. Read More >
Visit Dallas' massive White Rock Lake
September 11, 2012
Students who have grown up in or around Dallas, Texas, are likely familiar with the city's White Rock Lake. Read More >
Promote a passion for learning at the Kidspace Children's Museum
September 11, 2012
As children get older, they will come to understand the importance of respecting others if they themselves want to be respected. Read More >
Learn how Tampa came to be at the Tampa Bay History Center
September 11, 2012
Some people can live in the same area for most of their life and never have any idea just how rich its history actually is. Read More >
See how the press has covered US presidents at the Newseum
September 10, 2012
For U.S. presidents, making history is just part of the job. Read More >
Learn about Ohio's Civil War veterans in Cleveland
September 10, 2012
In the weeks leading up to Veteran's Day on November 12, teachers may want to incorporate class trips to nearby war monuments. Read More >
Take a stroll down Peachtree Street in Atlanta
September 10, 2012
If teachers are looking to bring their students to some of the most historic sites in Atlanta, Georgia, there is a good chance they will be visiting Peachtree Street on class trips. Read More >
See how work has evolved at Milwaukee's Grohmann Museum
September 7, 2012
K-12 students may not be old enough to enroll in Wisconsin's Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE), but they can still enjoy the institution's Grohmann Museum on class trips. Read More >

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