Educational Tours

Appreciate Washington, DC, from the Old Post Office Pavilion's clock tower
October 15, 2012
The Washington, D.C., skyline may not be populated by skyscrapers, but there is no denying that sites like the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument help make it one of the country's most visually stunning. Read More >
Ride a vintage trolley around Memphis
October 12, 2012
On class trips to Memphis, Tennessee, school groups can take in the city and see its various cultural attractions on foot or while riding a school bus. Read More >
Encounter traditional and rare farm animals at Domino's Petting Farm
October 11, 2012
Some children grow up reading about farm animals in picture books, but never have a chance to see them off the page or even pet them. Read More >
Explore a California desert in San Diego
October 10, 2012
As students begin to learn about the world's diverse landscapes, they will surely view pictures of them in their textbooks and watch videos about them online. Read More >
Explore the bustling streets of Boston's Chinatown neighborhood
October 10, 2012
While there is much to see and do in Boston, Massachusetts, the city's downtown area is especially bustling with activity. Read More >
Learn about African American history in New Orleans' Tremé neighborhood
October 9, 2012
Tremé, a neighborhood in New Orleans, Louisiana, is considered to be the oldest surviving African American community in the country. Read More >
Learn about vintage cars when visiting Florida's Old Town
October 9, 2012
Not every amusement park allows visitors to learn a little about yesteryear, but not every amusement park is Old Town. Read More >
Visit the diverse residents of the Toronto Zoo
October 9, 2012
If students find themselves on class trips visiting Toronto, Canada, the country's largest city and Ontario's provincial capital, they may want to make a visit to the Toronto Zoo before they return to the U.S. Read More >
Visit Nashville to view the Batman Building
October 8, 2012
If students are asked to name what city is home to the skyscraper known as the Batman Building, fans of Bruce Wayne's caped alter ego may assume the answer to be the fictitious Gotham City. Read More >
Halloween-themed events abound throughout October
October 5, 2012
It's now October, and that means another Halloween is fast approaching. Read More >

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