The Brightspark Edu-Travel Report -- Fact Sheet

 The Brightspark Edu-Travel Report -- Fact Sheet


The Brightspark Edu-Travel Report (conducted from October 5 – 21, 2011), polled 592 American entrepreneurial and business leaders, accessed through a variety of Twitter sources including @Under30CEO, an online forum offering advice, trends and events geared towards young entrepreneurs. The poll was designed to capture the sentiment of American business leaders in regards to student travel and in particular, as it relates to future success. Results showed that key leadership skills learned through student travel give young people a competitive advantage over their peers, especially when it come to realizing success in adulthood.


Overall, the Twitter poll found:


·         Student travel opens up new horizons and fresh perspectives on the world: Student travel challenges youth to look at the world around them with new eyes, and is remembered as a cherished and valued experience in adulthood. Ninety-seven percent of respondents agreed they were appreciative of their student travel experiences and thankful for its impact on their lives.


·         Student travel fosters an appreciation for diversity and encourages youth to step outside their comfort zones: Student travel provides youth with an appreciation and acceptance of cultural differences and helps build confidence through risk-taking. Eighty-five percent of respondents found that student travel gave them a new appreciation of other cultures and the confidence to try new things.


·         Opportunities for success can be enhanced by one’s cultural awareness and open-mindedness: Being culturally aware provides opportunities for success in all facets of life on both a local and a global scale. Student travel provides youth with an appreciation and acceptance of cultural differences. Ninety-nine percent of respondents believe that being culturally aware enhances opportunities for success – a viable trait as the workplace becomes increasingly diverse. [1]


·         94% of respondents feel that being well-traveled is a competitive advantage in the workplace: In a business setting, travel experiences as a student not only foster the development of relevant leadership skills, but also provide an opportunity for people to connect with their peers easily through shared travel experiences.


·         Cultural exploration is the most enriching of student travel experiences: Exposure to culture and new adventures that come from exploration of a new country or city, are the most engaging aspects of student travel. Sixty-seven percent of respondents felt most impacted by new cultures and activities they experienced while traveling as a student.


·         Participating in student travel can help promote confidence and foster ambition: Seventy-eight percent of respondents feel more confident because of their student travel experiences as it helped to develop strong youth leadership skills that combat current social issues and allow for better life choices in adulthood.


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[1] Corporate Culture and Diversity,

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